Kev’s One Man Show – Logo and Business Card Design

In the graphic design and printing business there is a lot of standard, repeat business that keeps the lights on and the wolves away from the door. But every now and then there is a project that comes in that is really fun and interesting, and stretches your creative muscles. This logo design job for Kevin Moran (aka The Show) is one of those projects.

Kev's One Man Show LogoCue Mission Impossible theme music. This project, if I decided to accept it, required that I integrate, into the logo design, some of the many job types that Kev regularly does in his normal course of business. Namely landscaping, masonry and painting. This was to be accomplished by illustrating a good likeness of Kev sitting on a zero turn mower with him holding both a paint roller and mason’s trowel.

While depicting Kev, full body, on the mower might be interesting, it wouldn’t allow us to key in on Kevin himself at a sufficiently large size on smaller objects such as business cards and display ads. It would be even smaller when adding the business name and description. So I opted to zoom in on the most important parts being Kev on a partially displayed mower with the implements of his trades in either hand.

Kev's One Man ShowPlacing those important elements within a circle allowed me to arch the business name over the top, and provided a focused area for the background grass and sky. Having the top of the hat protrude above the inner circle and over a tiny bit of the business name gave the logo more of a layered (less flat) look. The ribbon formed a base while providing space for trade information.

The business card was designed to be simple, clean, and easy to read. The back was uncoated to make it easier to write notes without the pen skipping or the ink smearing.

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