Vehicle Magnets – Yes, we sell them!

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Vehicle magnets are a fantastic way to give your business exposure everywhere you drive or park. It’s easy to customize and relatively inexpensive to change your message at the drop of a hat. Yes, we design and sell top quality, full color vehicle magnets that are UV laminated (gloss or matte) for protection against dirt and color fading. The corners can be square cut or rounded. One of the best parts of purchasing your vehicle magnet from us is that you get expert graphic design with over 26 years of experience.

Vehicle Magnets Car Magnets Truck MagnetsYou may have noticed from past posts that we happily provide a number of graphic design and associated products for C Lewis Design Studio, including logo design, business cards and vehicle magnets. Read on for more info on Christine Lewis and her artwork. I recommend that you check out her website and FB page.

Contact us for more info on how we can make your vehicle look great and act as a fantastic 24/7/365 marketing tool, and do it for a very reasonable cost. When you think about it, once you install your vehicle magnets your marketing message is continuously delivered for free. A steal!

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Christine Lewis has been embracing her love of art practically her whole life! She grew up surrounded by a family of artists who all enjoy the creative process and the joy that art brings to people. She took her first lessons in watercolor from her cousin, Anna Soik. Anna was a well-known artist who taught art in New York and became one of Christine’s greatest inspirations.

As a child, Christine and her mother spent countless hours painting on the front porch of Anna’s beach house every summer with her mother. Christine still has her first signed painting hanging on the wall of her home from when she was just 10 years old!

Christine enjoys painting, drawing, sculpting and found-art creations. She wants to share her love of art with you, and hopes that when you walk into a room and see one of her masterpieces, it will bring a smile to your face and joy to your heart!

You can visit her at clewisdesignstudio.comFaceBook or Twitter.


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