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GET NOTICED!  With high quality, custom screen printing for schools, teams, businesses, organizations, charity events and promotional give-aways. It all starts with our exceptional, creative artwork design and carries through with printed garments that you will be excited to wear and share!

The main advantage to consumers for the print method of screen printing over other options is the cost, color vibrancy, broad product range, and life expectancy of the prints.

When printed and cured properly a screen printed tee should remain vibrant longer than any other textile print process other than dye sublimation or fiber reactive. Those two process embed the ink into the fiber permanently and cannot be felt by the hand, but they are much more expensive and require greater volumes to be cost effective. However, cost do not reduce as greatly due to the labor intensive needs and high ink costs for dye sublimation. Also, dye sublimation is most effective when used on 100% polyester, which some customers do not want to use.

Screen print cost is most efficient on cost at 48 pieces (although we have a low 24 piece minimum) and drops drastically the higher the volume increases. Keep in mind each location you print e.g. front left chest, bottom front hem, front chest, back, left and right sleeve are all separate print jobs. You have to complete the print and cure process for each location before starting a new one.

Edited excerpt from Rick Gulley.

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