Faux Packaging Mockups

Graphic Explosions Faux Packaging Mockups

One of the things I have extensive experience in is label and packaging design. I spent over 20 years as the sole graphic designer for a label company in Long Island City, New York. That afforded me not only valuable technical and graphic design experience but also allowed me to delve into a wide variety of label and packaging design solutions. It also brought me into contact with many great businesses in the New York area, some that I still do business with today. It also afforded me the opportunity to be involved with projects that spanned a number of countries — Canada, Australia, England, Ireland, Mexico, Israel, Italy, France, Spain, Japan, and China.

About a year ago, I had a 10 minute presentation that I needed to prepare for. I was presenting to a fantastic referral networking team of which I am a member, the Greater Salem BNI Network. So I decided to demonstrate how I could provide packaging mockups for customers who wanted to see what their product would look like, or be able to market their product before being produced. In some cases a mockup is cleaner, for marketing purposes, than an actual photo of a finished product.

Graphic Explosions Faux Packaging MockupsThe best way for me to demonstrate this capability was to actually design the packaging for some products then make the product mockups… and that’s what I did. For purposes of the presentation, the entity that was producing the products was the owner of Graphic Explosions, Ken (smiley face). We capitalized on the first letter of his name to promote the individual names of the products — Ken’s Kwispy Kookies, Ken’s Kola-Kola, Ken’s Kappuccino Koffee, and Ken’s Kettle Korn. While probably not the most marketable names, it was sufficiently amusing to me that I went with it.

Although the presentation was ostensibly for displaying product mockup capabilities, I took the opportunity to demonstrate my actual graphic design and marketing abilities by presenting what I believe are very effective, evocative designs. The colors are attractive, there is a great continuity between the products giving them a family look, and the overall product appeal, I believe, is fantastic. I mean, looking at the chocolate and hazelnuts on Ken’s Kookie Kwisps makes me want to tear open a package and devour the contents. Yummy!

Graphic Explosions Faux Packaging MockupsAnyone up for the dynamite kwispy korn taste of Ken’s Kettle Korn, the karbonated kombustion of Ken’s Kola-Kola, or the kasual kaffeine kick of Ken’s Kappuccino Koffee? Well, you’re out of luck because they’re not real products… but with the magic of packaging mockups they could be on their first step of being realized!

Of course I’m joking about these products being in the production process. But this demonstrates the benefits of having access to packaging mockups for business owners and product manufacturers.

If I can help in any way, email me personally at KenM@GraphicX.com or call 603-912-5466.