Snake Bitten (Logo Design) – A fitting logo for my fantasy football team!


Graphic Explosions Snake Bitten Logo

What does a graphic designer do to ease his weekly fantasy football torment? Rename his team and design a logo that is fitting and emblematic of his teams performance, of course. It is both therapeutic and a chance to have some fun. I’m sure that whatever god you believe in knows that my fantasy football results, this year, have been many things… but not fun.

I entered this season as the Bay State Cereal Killers (right) and have morphed into the Snake Bitten. It remains to be seen just what team I end up being a few weeks down the road. You may just end up seeing another blog post with a redesigned logo and a new outlook on my fantasy football season. I doubt it. But it is something for me to look forward to.

Well, enlightened readers, that’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Until next time, as the Tick says, “Spooooooooooon!”

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