DtG Printing on Dark Garments

DtG Direct to Garment Printing

Finally, a great source for full color direct-to-garment (DtG) printing on Dark Garments! First, direct-to-garment printing uses an inkjet-like printer to print directly onto the garment. This allows full color printing at a fraction of the cost of traditional screen printing, especially at smaller quantities. It is highly recommended that the garment be 100% cotton.

Typically, DtG printing is printed on white or very light shirts. The reason for that is that CMYK full color printing needs to be printed on white to maintain its color integrity and brightness. DtG printers use a white under-base ink to solve the problem. There are some businesses that advertise DtG printing on dark garments. But I’ve found that, for the most part, their claims haven’t matched the quality of their output. They tend to have dull, murky colors.

Well, check out the photo at the top of the page! Bright whites and colors on a black garment. We had a customer who needed a small quantity of full color shirts for a family vacation… and he wanted them on black tee shirts. Viola! Graphic Explosions was able to solve his problems.

Need full color shirts for a party, event or function? Contact us at 603.912.5466 or KenM@GraphicX.com. Yes, we provide DtG on white shirts too!


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