Ladd’s Outdoor Services Logo Design

Ladd's Outdoor Services Logo Graphic Explosions

Justin Ladd, owner of Ladd’s Outdoor Services, was looking to freshen up his logo. As you can see from the before sample, the old logo was very dated; using a vintage tree engraving and a typestyle that doesn’t effectively portray the professionalism that he desired. We redesigned the logo with appropriate colors and made his business name stand out. We think that you’d agree that this is a pleasing logo that provides effective marketing possibilities.


After viewing the logo redesign Justin replied, and I quote, “I love it!!! Way better than I ever expected!! You did An amazing job Ken. Very happy with it.” That’s what we like to hear!



What services does Ladd’s Outdoor Services provide? I’m glad you asked.


Mowing and Landscaping, Spring/Fall Cleanups, Mulching and Pruning, Snow Plowing/Snow Blowing, and working with Walls, Walkways and Water Features.