October 18, 2016
Ken Mixon

JS Consulting Engineers Logo Design

Graphic Explosions JS Consulting Engineers LogoThis is a recently completed logo design project for JS Consulting Engineers, LLC. The criteria for this project was to create a logo that highlights the professionalism of our client while being visually appealing and incorporating appropriate colors and logo elements. While JS Consulting Engineers provides fire protection engineering, they also provide more general building and accessibility code consulting services. Therefore we decided to incorporate a less prominent flame element that graphically speaks to the fire protection engineering aspect of their business while not overpowering the code consulting portion. After reviewing the overall design of the logo with our client we determined that using these strong colors reflected the strong professionalism of the business while avoiding the common and sometimes overused red flame. You can learn more about JS Consulting Engineers, LLC below.



JS Consulting Engineers, LLC is an engineering and consulting firm specializing in fire protection engineering, building and life safety code consulting and accessibility code consulting. Their Clients include building owners, architects, contractors, building managers, and AHJ’s throughout northern New England including Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine, and Vermont.


JS Consulting Engineers, LLC offers the following Fire Protection Engineering and Code Consulting Services:

  • Professional Fire Protection Engineering (P.E.) Services for Fire Alarm System, Fire Sprinkler/Standpipe System, and Alternative Fire Protection System Contractors
  • Fire Protection, Life Safety, Building Code and Accessibility Code Consulting Services including:
  • Local and State Codes
  • ICC and NFPA Codes and Standards
  • Local and State Accessibility Regulations and Standards
  • ADA Standards
  • FHA Design Guidelines
  • Peer Review Services
  • Special Inspection Services for Smoke Control Systems pursuant to IBC §1704.16.
  • Special Inspection Services for Sprayed Fire-Resistant Materials pursuant to IBC §1704.12

You can visit them at www.jsfirecode.com or connect with them at LinkedIn.


October 13, 2016
Ken Mixon

NEW! Mascot Design Services

Graphic Explosions Mascot Design Service


Graphic Explosions is proud to introduce our new mascot. And we’re pleased and excited to offer our new Mascot Design Services! It’s funny. This design project started out as a way to celebrate our 25th anniversary of being in business. We wanted to do something new and special. A mascot for the business was just the ticket. But as we got further into the design process and really looked at how a mascot can be a valuable tool for marketing a business, organization or team, we decided to offer this service to everyone.


Here’s three reasons that having a mascot would be beneficial:



Generate amity for the brand.
Act as an ambassador for the brand.
Act as a memorable marketing tool for promotional campaigns.
People are constantly flooded with marketing messages so you need to go the extra mile to stand out. A Mascot can get attention.



Highly effective in creating awareness, building loyalty and importantly, selling the product.
A good mascot is memorable. If an appealing character can work its way into the public consciousness it will become an instantly recognizable symbol for a product. When you look at the Geico gecko you immediately think of Geico. You see the Pillsbury dough boy and think of gooey chocolate chip cookies. The mascot says it all.



A mascot’s personality can distinguish your brand.
Mascots are fun and entertaining. A likable mascot can instantly create a positive connection with your potential customers. Not only will they attract new potential customers that will want to learn more about your company. They can also create enthusiasm for sporting or fundraising events, and getting you attention that simply a logo won’t!


So, sent me an email, give me a call or drop by the office. I’d love to talk to you about our new service or any way that I can help you or your business succeed.



October 7, 2016
Ken Mixon

Topaz Award Winner – Lisa Walker

Congratulations to my friend and BNI teammate Lisa Walker for being honored as the Topaz winner by the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce for their Hidden Jewel Awards that recognizes distinguished women. Why the lion picture you ask? Because that’s Lisa’s favorite, that’s why! The following is an except from the award ceremony booklet:



lisawalker_topaz2The Topaz represents success. Lisa is truly unique and a woman driven by many causes. While she works as a financial adviser for Edward Jones, her true passion lies in her commitment to her community – helping other business professionals and animals. Lisa’s role in the community has taken on a life of its own. She is a member of the Windham Economic Development Committee, chairperson for the Ambassador Committee for the Greater Salem Chamber of Commerce and on the leadership team for BNI. As a board member for the Windham Women’s Business Connection, she has made significant efforts to help fellow women professionals excel.


The one organization that is most near and dear to her heart is the Salem Animal Rescue League where she serves as board president. She has made decisions and changes that were much needed. By creating a new culture, she has brought SARL to a new level of recognition within the community. It is fair to say that whatever Lisa touches is a success.


All that is impressive, but in my experience, the best part is that she is a great friend. Congratulations Lisa!

October 3, 2016
Ken Mixon

JumpStart Show Logo Design

JumpStart Show Logo Design

This is a recently completed logo design job for the JumpStart Show. Since the show reflects the energy, passion and ingenuity of entrepreneurs the logo needed to encompass those qualities as well as the idea of moving a business forward. The primary colors of the logo show the energy with the lit light bulb reflecting the inspirational ideas of the guests. The forward leaning letters and arrow move the logo forward.



JumpStart host, Jennifer O’Keefe, interviews extraordinary business owners from New Hampshire and digs into their tips, strategies, and cautions. Their goal is to inspire and educate up-and-coming entrepreneurs! Show guests run successful businesses that are long-standing, successful, and give back to their communities. The show will begin airing November 2016 on Derry, NH community TV and all episodes will be available on their website: www.jumpstartshow.com.


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September 28, 2016
Ken Mixon

Remington Technology Logo Design

Remington Technology Logo


This is a recently completed logo design job for Remington Technology. One of the challenges of this particular project was that the company name doesn’t necessarily reflect the products and services that they sell. The guidelines were that they wanted a clean, easily read logo that reflected their professionalism. It should use distinctive colors that when combined with the graphic design would create a memorable logo. I think we succeeded on all counts.



Remington Technology provides computer and networking support to homes and small businesses . For more information, visit their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/RemingtonTechnology or visit them online at www.remingtontechnology.com . Remington Technology is owned and operated by Regina Andler.


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